Johnny Ortiz Palm Plate (second edition)

Sold Out.

  • responsibly harvested micaceous clay near Taos, NM
  • pit fired with local red cedar
  • stone polished / cured with elk marrow and bees wax
  • 4”
  • M3 slip

Fired on the harvest full moon (10.1.20), this is the second small batch release of Ortiz' plates.

This edition has a flatter shape and new and distinct slip (M3).

The slip is iron heavy, quartz based and micaceous. Dug from the same land as the clay body. When dug the clay retains the rust red from the land. A rust red that when fired has a medium matte finish.

Perfect vessels to hold your jewels, place on your altar, or light a candle on. Born and raised in Taos and on the Taos Pueblo, Johnny Ortiz’ small batch pieces carry the magic of the land and sky in which he is from.