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MAIDA supports the growth of Indigenous and Mestizx artists and preservation of their homelands through sustainable business practices.

We believe in a profit sharing business model of which 50% of the final price goes to the artist who made it.

MAIDA is a love story, a coming home story. An ever evolving project and expression of ancestry, homecoming, diaspora forced and chosen, memory learned and lost, reclamation and preservation.

Inspired from the land and family in which the founder Maida Branch came, of Zuni captiva, and Inda-hispana descent (Dilia and Mora, NM), her family has been living in Pueblo Territory since time immemorial.
Based in Northern New Mexico, MAIDA showcases and supports exclusive handcrafted collaborations with Indigenous Mestizx artists through various mediums.

Collections reflect the rituals and culture of their origin, and are made and shared with the intention of being enjoyed by everyone, creating a conversation about their use and origin in everyday lives.