Brandon Adriano Ortiz Spoon

3 available.

  • responsibly harvested micaceous clay near Taos, NM
  • pit fired
  • 12” to 13” long, spoon diameter 2.5”
  • Perfect for serving food, or as beautiful objects in space.

Brandon Adriano Ortiz, originally from Taos and Taos Pueblo works in tradition with micaceous clay he locally forages and pit fires.

“A symbol of attraction and conflict, of continual degradation and opportunity, clay bodies carry the history of place, time, and relationships. A product of extensive geological movement and representative of its environment—a material for future action—clay embodies time physically. Its physicality offers an alternative to linear time. The collaboration of hands with clay allows the artist to manipulate time into a relational narrative between past and future.” - BO

Due to the empheral nature of pit firings, markings on each piece may vary.

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