Johnny Ortiz Mezcal Cups (corn moon) 

Sold out.

  • responsibly harvested micaceous clay near Taos, NM
  • pit fired with local red cedar
  • stone polished / cured with elk marrow and bees wax
  • 3”
  • M3 slip

Fired on the corn full moon (9.1.20), this is the third small batch release of Ortiz' cups.

“To begin each firing, ground corn and cedar branches are offered to the fire to say thank you and call the spirits to the work. Corn specifically is an offering of gratitude. My people of Taos Pueblo view corn as essential to life. By offering corn, I am offering life, and my energies in having grown that corn”

This batch has a new and distinct slip (M3).

The slip is iron heavy, quartz based and micaceous. Dug from the same land as the clay body. When dug the clay retains the rust red from the land. A rust red that when fired has a medium matte finish providing a warmth with each sip.

The mica in this batch reflects more silver than gold, a sweet reflection of a hot summer night sky, cooled by the coming of fall.