Johnny Ortiz Flower Mezcal Cups

Only 3 sets available.

  • responsibly harvested micaceous clay near Taos, NM
  • pit fired with local red cedarstone polished / cured with elk marrow and bees wax
  • 3”

  • Fired on the flower full moon, (5.7.20), this is the second small batch release of Ortiz' work.

    In celebration of a love for mezcal, MAIDA is excited to share a design that the artist uses at his home when sipping the spirit. The minerals in the clay define the natural smokiness of the roasted agave, the smoke and carbon remnants from the pit firing give the pieces their signature black color and elevate the flavor. Cured with elk marrow and finished with beeswax, taste glimpses of the marrow and honey.

    The cups fit in the palm of your hand and are perfect for sipping anything you want to savor. They are made in the spirit of being shared with people you love, enjoyed with conversation and hopefully food. The cups light up when in union with the person sipping out of them and especially when 'cheers-ing' with another.